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If you are thinking about buying an investment property, you’ve probably been giving some thought to the kind of area you’d be happy living in and which location most suits your needs. If breathing in the fresh sea air, arts and culture, sampling delicious local cuisine, and living a laid back lifestyle sounds good to you, you should check out Mornington real estate. Stop by and explore the galleries and historical sites, charming cafes in beautiful seaside villages, have a picnic on the beach and find out why properties for sale Mornington Peninsula has become so popular today.


Located an hour from the exciting city of Melbourne, with over 190 kilometres of pristine coastline that extends along Port Phillip Bay’s southeastern seacoast, the Mornington Peninsula is a preferred holiday getaway and has been for generations. Also home to Sorrento, the place that the first European settlement called home in Victoria. The Peninsula’s diverse mix of resort towns, urban and rural areas, arts and culture, makes it a fascinating place to live.

Mornington Real Estate

Following are just a few of the perks and amenities you’ll enjoy by making Mornington Peninsula your home.

Treat yourself to a luxury spa day, stroll through the tranquil gardens, or relax in the only natural geothermal springs in Victoria.
Play a round of golf at one of Mornington Peninsula’s 7 esteemed golf courses, thoroughly enjoying the breathtaking surrounding landscapes.
Inviting roadside stalls selling sun kissed, farm fresh foods
Stop by one of the esteemed restaurants and enjoy cuisine made with freshly harvested fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood and more, accompanied by a signature Mornington Peninsula wine
Great schools, colleges and communities, sports and medical centres

Just imagine how great it would be to live in an area that makes you feel like you’re always on holiday, having easy access to incredible beaches, taking visiting guests on a tour of Mornington Peninsula’s historic seaside villages, you’ll never run out of things to do. The area’s appeal, besides its affordability, is the public transport, natural reserves and the close proximity to the beaches and Melbourne. Families, retirees and investors alike are drawn to the relaxed, family friendly lifestyle offered here.

Property For Sale Mornington Peninsula

New Home Builders Mornington Peninsula

Besides all of the obvious reasons mentioned above, when it comes to investing in properties for sale we are new home builders. It’s important to strategically consider your financial needs and wealth creation, buying off the plan and where to buy. The Mornington Peninsula continues to be a fast growing area with the government predicting an estimated 20% population growth over the next 15 years. The stable growth experienced so far in this enchanting area, along with an average property increase of over 50% over the last 10 years, make Mornington Peninsula properties a great investment. Our McCrae units are a great example – they’ve increased by more than 75%.

Mornington Peninsula property investors can expect the following when they choose one of our houses for sale.

Tax savings
Stable growth
Low volatility
High rental return
Positive cash flow
Low rental vacancy
Long term investment

Eview Real Estate Mornington

If living a relaxing, seaside lifestyle less than an hour away from the heart of Melbourne suits your fancy, you should definitely consider Mornington Real Estate. We are new home builders with over 20 years experience that build properties for sale all over the Mornington Peninsula including Mount Martha and Rosebud. 

As property advisors we can help you to understand the real estate market so you can maximise your investment through our proven business model. We have houses for sale across Rosebud, Mount Martha and McCrae. Contact us for a Eview or if you are in Melbourne come down for an inspection and consultation.

Buying an Investment Property for securing your future is sure to be one of the most common routes that Australians take in order to gain financial independence. It has been stated recently that one in seven Australian taxpayers are property investors.

Foreign property investors especially those from Asian region have continued buying properties in Australia. This is because Australian economy has shown its immunity to financial crisis as many Australian politicians claimed that Australia has not been affected by financial crisis as much as other countries. Buying houses for sale in Mornington is sure to be one of the safest ways to invest because Australian property market is still growing and the Australian economy is very resistant to external factors such as financial crisis. Many have claimed that creating an investment property portfolio is the only way to freedom.

A new term ‘freedom investment property’ has been used to explain the formula of gaining financial freedom through investing. Explained this means that property investing is the only way to overcome financial obstacles when we retire. And supported such claims by giving some tools to calculate how much we are likely to save for retirement, if we bluntly believe that superannuation will not be able to give us enough funds to cover our expenses in retirement. I have to say, the discoveries I made were quiet shocking.

At Peninsula Property direct we provide services to assist you with home loans aimed at investment property. Consider this, every day a new property millionaire is born. This way of securing our financial future is becoming a thing that everyone does. So, maybe you should start on the path of property investing? Contact us today to eview our property’s for sale or make a time to inspect.

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Houses For Sale Mornington Peninsula