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Melbourne Housing Market

Peninsula Property Direct are highly acclaimed property developers specialising in building and selling investment properties throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. With over 20 years of experience, we have built and sold more than 200 properties, specialising in units and town houses. Our team’s creativity and commitment to excellence has captured the attention of residents and investors alike, helping us build our reputation as one of the area’s most consistent, creative and thriving developers.

Melbourne Developments

We believe that a town house or unit should feel like a home. How our clients feel about their investment is important; whether it’s due to pride in ownership, the confidence achieved through financial return, or perhaps it’s because living in Mornington Peninsula makes them feel like they’re enjoying a “Stay-Cation” every day. We’re committed to providing exceptional properties in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula and are passionate about building beautiful places that people will want to call home.

Buying from us is Easy!

Give us a call or email us to chat with one of our investment experts and find out just how easy it is to buy an investment property. With our experience and expertise you will see why we are one of the leading property developers. We’ll walk you through the process, from conveyancing to colour selection, making certain that you’re able to make an educated choice that meets your long term financial goals.

Buy Direct and Save Thousands

Buying direct through Peninsula Property Direct, and off of one of our plans will save you thousands!

No agent commissions or fees to pay out
Only 10% deposit and balance on completion
Tax Depreciation schedule is included
Conveyancing costs are included
Save on Stamp Duty
If applicable, you can take advantage of First Time Home Buyer Grants
No Progress Payments, meaning you will invest at today’s prices, paying on completion when you’ll more than likely find that your new home investment has already increased in value. Why? Because smaller developments increase in value much faster than larger developments.

Melbourne Boutique

This is an 8 unit development of beautiful 2 and 3 bedroom units that includes a garage. Rosebud is located just minutes from schools, shops and other amenities including a hospital. If you’re looking for a new home that would make the perfect long term investment, the Rosebud development is the ideal choice.

The McCrae development is one of the most highly sought after locations on the Mornington Peninsula which has had strong growth of more than 75% over the last 10 years. McCrae is a 6 unit development of contemporary looking 3 bedroom units with a garage. These wonderful homes are located within walking distance of shops, restaurants and beautiful beaches, making it the perfect investment opportunity.

Be sure to keep checking back for exciting new Melbourne development opportunities. You have questions about living in Melbourne or on the Mornington Peninsula? As property investment advisors we can educate you on the Melbourne Housing market and why our Melbourne developments are primed for success. We have been successful property developers in Melbourne for over 20 years. Most of our clients are repeat customers. Why? We have only ever built in the Melbourne housing market so are lazer focused on creating successful Melbourne developments.

Contact us today. No one knows these areas better than we do.

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Melbourne Housing Market